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Friday, July 23, 2010

Class Clown

I admit it. As a kid I was a class clown, always looking for any opportunity to bust up the kid next to me, or if possible, everyone in the room. I spent many hours writing apology sentences, sitting next to the teacher, or outside the classroom door moping and feeling misunderstood. Occasionally, I'd make it to the principal's office. A few of my teachers genuinely liked me, but most wanted to throw me out on my ear. I don't blame them at all now, because I grew up and realized that it's WRONG to disrupt the class (even though they seemed to like it).

I met up with an old music teacher later who I felt that I really worked over, so I apologized to her. But she said I was fine, I caused her no problems. Huh? I guess I made no impression on her at all. So now I'm thinking it's all in my head, maybe I was actually just a nerdy bookworm who secretly wanted to be a class clown but was afraid to utter a peep, and the whole thing is just my imagination. Dang!


  1. This is hilarious. I did camps as a kid but not one like this. This is genius for sure! To act like a clown you have to be raised as a clown and what better way than Clown Camp. You get a joy buzzer if your good today . . .

  2. Hey, thanks. You never really know if something is funny till you run it up the flagpole.
    I like the joy buzzer idea. Upon completion of Clown Camp one should also receive a coveted pair of over-sized clown shoes, which you could then wear proudly to graduation ceremonies. -Ted

  3. Take it from a fellow class clown, this is the kind of camp I should have gone to, although I would have found a way to screw up the days lesson for the teacher somehow and make him mad. That was what made it fun! I miss those days. Now my kids are doing it to me. This one made me laugh though. Good one Ted!

  4. Thanks, Steve! Of course, in my Clown Camp you would receive honors for screwing up the days lesson. The boring kids would have to write the sentences and do math problems during lunch time. -Ted

  5. hey, you don't mind if I use this in my classroom, do you? It'll be a great ice-breaker.

    Maybe next time you're down here you can do a presentation for my class too (I'll let you know when we're doing the Cartooning lessons...)