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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clowns and Cavemen

I seem to find humor in just about any situation, which isn't always a good thing, like when serving jury duty for instance.
Over the years I've ended up with stacks of gags, mostly drawn on various sizes and scraps of paper, or whatever I could find when an idea hits. Here's some that I actually cleaned up when I thought I might submit some work to the cartoon syndicates. A co-worker told me that strip-style horizontal panels were an easier sell for newspaper comics, so I drew up some, but I was never comfortable with that format. I prefer vertical panels ala Gary Larson.
Cavemen and clowns are a favorite subject because they are so much fun to draw, and their comic situations are endless.


  1. These are OK.. The illustrations are great.Clown drive by could use differant sized clowns in a small tinnier car or maybe something totally offbeat , dogs throwing bones or executives with
    staplers. Cavemen need something offbeat more in thier hands for a quick read.The last two...push the scale of things would make it funnier.

  2. Clowns in a clown car are funnier than executives and everyone knows that clowns throw buckets of confetti to freak people out. On the other hand, I don't think this redraw of the original vertical panel works as well. Should have posted that one.

    Something in their hands? Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors? -Ted

  3. I don't know what that guy IS talking about. I looked at these with the kids and we GOT ALL of the jokes even the kids and we really did laugh out loud. I loved the cave men gags equally. The rock tie! and hanger trowing!! FUNNY!!!!!! LOVED THEM!!