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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Experiments gone wrong.

More horizontal panels, and the sky's the limit with this theme. When lab experiments go wrong in my comic world, it' s not just a little screw up like spilling your milk on the carpet, but a major FAIL that cannot be hidden from the world: "So, you decided to build a monster, eh? Well, you can just live with him in your bedroom... for life!"


  1. These are brilliant Ted.

    People told me you were funny, but I didn't even know you could draw.

  2. Hey, thanks Marcelo! .....People told you I was FUNNY???? Oooooooooo.... goose bumps!

  3. I like the bottom panel. Gives a strong after chuckle.

  4. Thanks, Steve.
    Actually, my friend Steve Peterson gave me the mother's line, and it's probably the first time I've done that. My original line was funny I felt, but his was edgier and opened up a new facet to the situation. So I credit him here. -Ted

  5. chemistry kits gags...
    I remember inheriting one of those from an older friend when I was about 11.
    we played with it for about a week and then it just sort of disappeared.
    That happened to a lot of our stuff because we moved a lot, as a military family.