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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I love Yellow Post-It notes

My Favorite medium for cartooning is by far the 4X6" yellow Post-it note, its small size and instantly hang-able sticky back serves my needs perfectly; primarily to share a quick laugh with co-workers which they can then stick up in their offices or cubes. I rarely have time to do full size cartoon gags at work, but the Post-it note allows for a quick transfer of brain-wave to paper when an idea hits, which unfortunately is quite often (don't tell the boss). Over the years I've drawn many Post-it gags, but most have either been given away to the person who was the subject of the humor, or swallowed up by the constantly morphing cubicle walls of a thousand different work places.
BTW, when 3M stopped producing the 4X6 size awhile back it was a dark day in cartoonland for me. I cherish what's left of my final pad, saving it for special occasions. Anyone have a surplus they'd like to donate or sell? It must be true Post-it yellow, not those anemic pale yellow knock-offs you see everywhere, and of course, no lines on them. Thanks. -Ted Blackman


  1. Thanks, friend! Hope all my posts are strikes and not gutterballs. -Ted