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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clowns of the Wild West!


  1. Combining the two subjects looks like a gold mine of gags!

    Very funny!

  2. He's scared, and he should be, because there's nothing lower than pie'n a guy in the back. Thank you my friend, I trust your instinct. I'll get to it! -Ted

  3. I just love the touch you made with the long shadow, just like the ol' westerns . . . you talkin' to me? Put your pie where your mouth is!!

  4. I was trying to squeak a little drama out of the situation, yeah, just like the old westerns. One thing I don't like is I scanned the line drawing at only 100dpi, and didn't realize it wasn't going to look that great on the blog till after I finished it. It's a little blurry. So from now on I'm going to scan them larger.

  5. Scan them at 300 dpi, Ted. That'll make it easy for when you release a book of these bad boys.

    What are you inking with?

  6. Hey Chris, my favorite pen by far is the Fountain Pentel. Sadly, they no longer make them but I still have quite a few boxes of them left. They have a felt nib which is reinforced with plastic sides that keeps the felt from breaking down, and they last a long time. You can get thick and thin line width with them easily. A co-worker tried searching for them awhile back and found that they're still out there but with a different name and a black barrel instead of the white.
    But truthfully, people have always told me they like the crudeness of my drawing when I just use cheap pens, they say they're funnier. Bruce Timm, creator of many WB shows, calls it 'Idiot Style', which I think is funny. Most of my post it notes are drawn in idiot style, quick and dirty.
    And you?