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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hygiene On The Plains

This one I rushed to the blog because I had company coming. Unfortunately, when I looked at it again later I didn't like the artwork in spots. I made a few corrections and replaced the old one with this improved final version. That kind of thing can happen a lot when you don't live with a drawing at least for a day. You become a little blind to its problems unless you get away from it for awhile. One trick I use to help me counter that phenomena is to turn a drawing over and look at it from the other side in the light. It's as if you are looking at it for the first time and the errors will usually pop out. In photoshop I just transform the image horizontally to see if there are any mistakes. Obviously I didn't take the time to do that with the above drawing. So that's the quick solution to find drawing errors, but there is no quick solution for a weak gag. That's why I've always said that with gag cartoons, the drawing is the easy part.


  1. Great stuff! I like how Thag has no patience and goes right for the hoof!

  2. Luckily thag's fur cloth is just long enough, from this angle i'm sure there's a dangle!
    you are 100% about the turning over trick.
    i have an F button assigned in photoshop , just for to quickly flip and mirror images.

  3. Yeah, impatient Thag could care less where a hoof has been, or if he's danglin.

    I'll have to set up that F button as well, great idea.

    Thanks for the comments, guys.-Ted

  4. omg hilarious!! i should dig into your archives more often!