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Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Cliques


  1. Ted, you're definitely a better illustrator and writer than the vast majority of syndicated newspaper cartoonists.

    Have you considered trying to get syndicated?

  2. Yes, I agree Austin. I have talked to a number of people in Northern California and they wonder why he isn't syndicated. They are really not liking the new cartoons in the papers today. The votes are in, Ted has great drawing and great humor. Great for the general Audience. Press on!

  3. Thank you, Austin.
    As for syndication; yes, it was always something I thought about, but the idea of coming up with 365 gags a year always seemed pretty daunting to me. To be honest, it took me years to even figure out the formula for writing gags, and to this day It can still be hit and miss sometimes. Add the fact that the newspaper business has been severely hit by the internet, and it just seems easier to do it this way. Many cartoonists are now making their strips and panels available for free online, and making money by selling merchandise related to their characters on their websites. That is eventually my plan.

    -and thank you, Belf. I agree that many newspaper comics are bland. It might be because readers are so easily offended today that it's just necessary for survival to keep the ideas watered down. The competition is as fierce as ever, and you could easily lose your coveted slot to someone else. This is one reason why I have such a great respect for Gary Larson, the most consistently funny panel cartoonist ever. He quit his syndicate job when he was at the top of his game. Nobody does that.