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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Orphan Yeti

Here's another older gag that has been sitting around unresolved. I was talking to a friend recently about how funny it is to wrack your brain when trying to remember a name, and only after you completely give up and focus on something else does it suddenly pop into your head. Gag cartooning can be a lot like that. Sometimes when I pull one out of the loser box and look at it with a fresh perspective months or even years later, it can hit me right away what caption or clarification it needs. Sometimes it needs very little, as in this case. I wish all my unresolved cartoon ideas (what I call 50 percenters) were that easily worked out. Even the title of this one hit me tonight unexpectedly as I was working on it, and I immediately laughed out loud, which is the only true yardstick I have before actually running one of these up the flagpole for all of you to give the final verdict. -Ted Blackman


  1. my wife gives me funny looks when I'm sketching and suddenly burst out in laughter.
    I love it that they've put thick plaster casts
    in a book. haha that for me is the icing on the cake in this gag.

    also, thank you for explaining the physics behind your cartoons. very interesting indeed!

  2. You got the character's faces just right. The mother looks so proud and is loving the brag session and the husband just sits there with his slight grin of pride for his yeti.

  3. I guess all parents gloat!

    Belf said it best, the expressions are just right.