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Lemming Humor

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Revised Gag

I'm re-posting this revised gag from earlier, in case some of you missed it. I like it better now, though eventually I'll redraw the spider so it matches the rest of the drawing. For me, this blog is the equivalent of Monday nights at the comedy clubs, where stand-ups test out their material for later use in their acts. So I appreciate your comments. Thanks! -Ted Blackman

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Moldy Oldie

July, 1984 was the month and year I started working in the animation industry. This panel dates to just prior to that, when I was working on the Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach in the finance dept. of all places. At the same time I was also doing panel cartoons for the 91-X radio station's newsletter out of San Diego as well as a long-gone rag called the L.A. Funnies, and any other publication that would have me.
These were the days before photoshop and fonts, so the lettering in this example was painstakingly applied by hand. That's real Zippatone too, folks; sticky-backed dot screen patterns that were laid over the drawing and then cut out with an exacto knife. Mistakes in the drawing were either brushed over with white-out or scraped off with a knife. It was no big deal back then because that's the way everyone was doing it. A finished cartoon was something to marvel at, not like a computer file nowadays that has no warmth.
Don't get me wrong, I love Photoshop, and I can't wait to get my drawings scanned and start working on them on the computer. Photoshop is so forgiving it's ridiculous compared to the old ways, and for me, it's like being ten years old again and reliving the thrill of drawing on my very first Etch-A-Sketch.
Also interesting to me about this panel is it may have been the very first time I used a clown theme in a gag. It was only because I needed a visual play on the caption, not that it was really about clowns for me back then. But nowadays I write gags with clowns in them all the time, because I've grown to love them. In fact, I almost called the blog 'Clowns and Caves' because of my leanings toward caveman jokes as well. But everyone seemed to like Crotchety Comics when I ran it up the flagpole at work, so that was that. My occasional grumpiness probably helped sell the idea too, I suppose. Ha! -Ted Blackman

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