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Friday, September 17, 2010

Jo Jo's Cinderella Story


  1. haha jojo moved up the social ladder A LOT!
    I love your eye for detail and these are again spot on.

  2. What is it about the subject? I just love the Monkey Grinder as a cartoon staple. Great job, this one is funny.

  3. Just another great cartoon to look at. Love the organ grinder, the pants, the open jacket and the hair, ha, ha. I like the junior monkey on the shoulder, he looks immature. Of course Jo Jo looks more sophisticated with his expression and cell on the belt . . . he's movin' on in life. I agree, this is great!

  4. You guys make my day, and keep me posting. Thank you all for taking the time to leave comments. -Ted

    BTW: I had another version with JoJo; he's exiting a theater while on a date, and he sees his old boss standing there and is just hoping he won't recognize him as they pass (like you can't recognize a 2 ft monkey). The idea was there but I couldn't get the caption to read correctly so I threw it on the pile for later.