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Friday, November 19, 2010

Animals Gone Wild

I have to say, it's been difficult this week coming up with new gags, I've just been so busy at Warner Brothers. I'm starting to think syndication might not be as daunting a task as I thought, since all I would have to deal with is ONE job. This gag I'm posting is the last of the 40 or so horizontal panels that I had previously cleaned up a couple years ago. I'm not really sure if it's funny or not, but I was happy with the drawing when I finished it. Let me know. -Ted


  1. LOL! This is funny, Ted! :D The Rabbit also strikes a jackpot!! hahaha

  2. haha yes that bunny's pose is great

  3. Oh goody.. you like, you like. Thanks everyone! You know, I believe the rabbit stole the show and saved the drawing, and isnt that funny, since he's a background character. Oh well.