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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hazards Of Duck Dentistry


  1. Ted, this is a testament to your drawing abilities. Not everyone could pull off the humor of this situation, because it draws (no pun intended) on its humor from the drawing.

    You are a comic with enviable draftsman's skills. Setting up the objects in the room on the left speaks to the order and calm you're trying to create in the room. The gator opens his mouth at a 90 degree angle -- matching the corner of room on the right -- also solidifying the order in the room. Therefore the tension comes from the rounded silhouette of the ducks, and the sharp silhouette of the gator's teeth -- right down to where the two design shapes are going to collide!

    Bravo! A real design lesson in humor. Imagine me jumping up on my chair, pumping my fist into the air, and starting a cheer, "FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY."

  2. This is really funny!! What Mr Vignali said!

  3. Thank-you Charles and Tiffanny, you make my day and keep me going.

    And thank-you Marcello, I'm posting a special note to you.