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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Incident In The Jungle

Let me know if this is too grizzly for ya, hah hah hee hee...
That's the fun of cartooning.. It ain't real!


  1. jerry is not even smiling haha! love the bended rifle. you could give the other ape loads of watches, like they are only in it to collect watches.

  2. hahaha the goriest one so far! you're making it funny though.. I feel guilty for laughing at the dead hunter.. :I

  3. I don't feel sorry at all for the dead hunter! It was kill or be killed!

    What I like especially is that you find surprises when you allow your eyes to roam. Like the limb on the tree. I found that hyterical (and funny and interesting)

  4. Tek: That's a funny idea. Jerry FINALLY gets his Rolex!
    Yeah, it sucks we are so far away, I'll bet you and I could have some interesting gag development lunches.

    Charles: There's just no non-gory way to draw detached limbs, but I avoided blood and bone and kept it simple. To me, the brutality of the act is what makes it funny, since it clashes with them peacefully admiring a beautiful watch afterward. Only a great ape could be so indifferent.

    Tiffanny: I agree. Though I like guns, I've always felt that using rifles at a distance to kill large animals was cowardly: If you go bear hunting with nothing but a spear and a knife then that's manly sport!
    I think the arm on the tree is important because it sparks the viewer's imagination of what has transpired. Since we've all seen gorillas violently throw things around when mad, the imagined visual of that becomes less grotesque and more funny. It's nice to have little clues, or surprises, in every cartoon for the viewer to resolve, it makes them feel they are part of the fun. Don't you think?

  5. i love the strewn limbs...

  6. wow, you know, monday, starting the week, work, business..... it is sometimes difficult.....but you make me smile today, I am checking some older stuff, you are good, men! Thanks, I feel better now!!!