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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Note To Tiffany

Your comment on the last cartoon brings up a good point: In the past whenever I'd show people cartoons that weren't really that resolved (and there were a lot of them when I was learning how to do this), the usual kind response would be 'interesting', since they didn't want to hurt my feelings but felt the need to say SOMETHING. The 'interesting' response while reviewing art almost became a joke in itself amongst other artist friends when we didn't care for something. So, rather than have 'you suck' as the last box to check, I offered up 'interesting' as a choice, which is a nice way of saying; you failed Ted, try again. Or so I thought:

Tiffany, by you checking all three boxes because you REALLY liked the cartoon just blows that theory out of the water. I'm so glad you mentioned that you did that, I would have never guessed. In fact, a couple people even commented to me that they were miffed that on certain cartoons they really liked, that some people only checked 'interesting' , but now I realize that the best compliment would be that a cartoon is interesting AS WELL as funny. I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that 'interesting' is always a positive comment, but obviously I was seeing the glass as half empty, not half full as you are. For that I thank you. -Ted

BTW: I appreciate all comments and check-marks, because it's the only way I know if a gag is strong or weak. You don't have to sign up for Blogger to check a box.
This is no easy task cranking out these cartoons on a regular basis, and your feedback is the only way I have of knowing if you're even paying attention. To date, only about 5% of you are actually letting me know you visited, and you are the few who inspire me on. I thank you for that. -Ted Blackman


  1. wow a special note for me! Thank you!

    I never saw those boxes as a rating system, until you mentioned it!! I just checked all that applied, they all seem positive to me.

    Oh man you have such a gift!!! There is so much dark and moody art out there but It's the ones that can actually make me laugh that I place on a pedestal, because that takes more than technical skill. It takes a sharp mind and cleverness. You guys in the animation industry seriously rule. Really, the DaVincis and Michaelangelos of the modern age.


  2. I have respect for you as I know how hard it is to create good gags... and you have a great sense of humor. so good to see.

    I like :D

    Look forward for more, sir!

  3. Tiffany: Yeah, the boxes are a kind of rating system for me, because as I've said before I'm never really sure about a gag until I've run it up the flagpole for everyone to see. It's like being too close to a piece of art that you've been laboring over, after awhile it becomes difficult to see it like others do. Everyone interprets a cartoon differently, but hopefully the consensus is generally favorable, or back it goes to the drawing board.
    You are so kind to say what you did. Thank you.

    Charles: My friend from the other side of the globe, thank you. You are a great talent and a gentleman, sir!