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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hamster House


  1. Aw criminy, I've been there. Just sit down for a good movie and there goes the doorbell. This guy has it tough though. By the time he gets back, dinner's cold. This is a gooden!

  2. haha ted I love this one so much ! most excellent

  3. I hate when that happens to me! And, what's worse, when he gets to the door he'll find a yellow notice from the UPS truck, only to see it driving away!

    (Besides, the older I get the harder it is to crawl through my tubes.)

  4. hork hork hork!!! that made me giggle-snort. awesome :)

  5. Ted,
    Just wondering if I can get your email address :) You can send it to my email address: charlessantoso(at)

    I want to send you something :D


  6. Gawsh... I dood it.. I hit one outa the park. Yippee.
    Wish they were all that good. Thanks everyone, you know I appreciate the comments.

    It's funny, but this cartoon epitomizes Crotchety Comics. Sometimes it's a bitch getting to the door, and when the doorbell rings at my house there's a 90% chance it's someone trying to sell me something, since my neighborhood seems to be crawling with solicitors. I've gotten to where I can't even leave my front door open on the weekends because people accost me through my screen door.
    I saw one guy approach with flyers to put on my door and I said, No thank you in the nicest way I could. He immediately got militant on me and said, "Well I don't want what you're sellin' either"! and stormed off. I was so blown away by the ridiculousness of his comeback that I had nothing in retort.

    So I wonder, would I put myself through the rigorous journey through tubes, chutes and ladders if I were a hamster who loved such things, just to answer what was probably a lousy sales call? If that hamster were like me, then he would run to the door and then right passed it without even opening it, and then back to his movie.

  7. geez, that solicitor sounded mean. thank god i live way out in the boonies. no salesperson ever comes to my door, EVER.

  8. I work in an attic....this happens to me a lot!

    hey ted just to let you know you have won a FIREBIRD!!

    please get in touch with me on:

  9. WOW! -thanks Lesley. I will email you.

    Hey everyone, check out Lesley's art, she's amazing.

  10. Ted, do you know when you hit it out of the park, or do you sometimes find out when you get the audience response? Just curious : )

  11. Chris, I only know for sure when I get the responses. Bloggers don't have editors filtering their work like they do in the syndicates. You guys are my filter, and I appreciate you all.

  12. Well this was definitely one of those times. Just an awesome comic : )

    Just wondering if you had any "A-HA!" moments where you knew you had gold before you'd drawn it.

  13. Chris, the closest I came to that, as far as this blog is concerned, was the Modern Man entering the Neanderthal bar. I felt good about it before posting it, and it was a hit.
    When I'm drawing on post-it notes for people at work, I almost always get a big laugh because the situation is already familiar to them. It's much more difficult writing humor for people I don't know, but I love the challenge of it.
    Of course, when a gag fails you can really start to doubt yourself, but I make a decision to redeem myself on the next offering. It really can be a roller coaster ride, but I'm having a ball just the same.
    Thank you for the compliment. -Ted

  14. You struck a chord with this one! Genius just keeps on comin'!!