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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lumberjack Anomalies


  1. i didn't quite 'get' the last 2 , but this one is back right on track for me!
    that akimbo pose is the finishing touch, works perfect with the reading direction. makes me smile everytime.

  2. Tek: Thanks for the compliment.
    I kind of knew that the last one wasn't LOL, but it was an older cartoon and I didn't have time for a new one.
    The joke was about bears finding a crashed sporting goods truck but only one side gets to wear the cool stuff since they were playing shirts and skins football. That happens in sports when there's a lack of uniforms for both teams, so one side wears T-shirts and the other goes without.
    The Victorian panel was more subtle, not the usual obvious gag. l'd hoped that it was thoughtful and funny at the same time, but that's difficult to pull off.
    The trouble with having a gag blog is that it raises the bar for every post. If I decided to post a few illustrations or animation work like most art blogs, would people stop coming around? I feel I've painted myself into a corner that is very difficult to maintain. It's a good thing I enjoy it.
    That said, I very much appreciate your feedback.

    Tiffanny: Now THAT'S the kind of laugh that makes it all worth it. Thanks!

  3. wahahaha.. LOVE the angle! that is genius!

  4. ted : I have the cloudy & meatballs artbook.
    your name is in there. I crave for more of your animation work!!! but you can post that on a 2nd blog? and don't be bothered about having to raise the bar everytime. some previous jokes i didn't get either because of me missing the vocabulary.
    and this is a tough crowd.
    ps: i just noticed the distant trees grow straight , but actually theyre at an angle haha

  5. Now you have me wondering something because of the comments: Isn't it clear that the tree fell UPHILL to hit their truck?? That's the anomaly. The image isn't tilted, it's a steep slope.

  6. yES, yES of course. The tree falling uphill is the last thing you think would happen to anybody let alone a skilled logger. The foreman looks a little pissed I'd say. Guess where he is in the cartoon? Hilarious ! ! !

  7. haha i'm the dumb. i didn't get the steep hill at all. i thought you were just drawing in a funky angle . nevermind me. (hides under the smallest pebble)

  8. Okay, I was discussing this cartoon with a friend this weekend who also thought the picture was tilted. The problem with the drawing is that I drew the trees on the slope abnormally slanted downhill instead of straight up like trees grow because I felt I needed to show that these trees would ALWAYS fall downhill when cut. But this one tree falls UPHILL instead. Funny, right?
    The fact is, trees on a slope grow vertically in nature, and because of that could fall EITHER way when cut. I cheated nature in the drawing, so it doesn't work well at all. Shucks.

    Oh well, thanks guys, fun discussion anyway.