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Friday, December 31, 2010

Science Club!

I spent Christmas at my brothers in northern California, and we came up with this gag together when we were joking around. The best humor comes when two similar minds start bouncing ideas back and forth, which is by far the most enjoyable way to create gags.
Basically, we were discussing the way two jock captains would pick teams for a sport in school, and the unfairness of the whole process. There would always be the nerdy guys left at the end which someone had to pick, and the groans and moans that would come up when one of these guys was finally chosen. Just completely unfair and cruel. So, in my fantasy world, the science geeks rule, and the jocks must suffer. heh heh..


  1. hehehehehe! funny! two brains combine rock! happy new year, Ted! :D

  2. happy newyear Ted!
    I was one of those leftover nerds in school :(

  3. I'm barking on this one and I'm hoarse. Beautifully drawn and I just love the characters. Geology Rocks is hilarious!

  4. You hit another one right out of the park! Great way to close out the year.

  5. Hey everyone, thanks a bunch for the support. You know I appreciate it.

    I was fortunate to have never been the last one picked for sports, but I was usually in the bottom 25% every time. On a couple occasions I was one of the first ones picked which both shocked and amazed me. It was for basketball which was a game I really liked but had to put 150% effort into it just to compete with the naturals who seemed to do it in their sleep.
    After I grew tired of trying so hard in sports I naturally gravitated to the art room where the playing field was more tilted in my favor. I could kick ass there after being run off the baseball field, so there I stayed. I became socially inept but a master of the REALLY important things... like perspective. haha
    Occasionally, a jock would end up in the art room to fulfill his humanities requirements and I would stand behind him and smirk at his pathetic attempts at drawing. You dare to compete in my arena??? HA!!
    If he only knew I was standing there.

    Hey Tek, how could you have been a leftover nerd? Aren't you the one who swims laps in the pool? That's sporting stuff.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Spend this year focusing on just one area that you want to improve on, and make it your best asset. -Ted

  6. This blog makes me laugh a lot! Thanks for sharing, I am following you now, but only via the internet, not actually walking behind you.

  7. Thanks Eric! That means a lot because you are a funny cartoonist as well, and we have to stick together.

    I can't return the favor since I already am following you, for some time now. -Ted

  8. OMG hilarious, just heard about this today! Funny stuff!

  9. Thank you Stephanie, it's always good to hear that. You 'heard' about it?? Am I being talked about in the real world?

    Erik, sorry for misspelling your name, it won't happen again.

  10. Go nerds!!! You are one talented dude!
    So glad I found your blog. Come check me out over at Opto-Mom. Sometimes there's random nudity.