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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Simpler Times

You know, in Victorian times there was no such thing as mindless staring at a computer screen all day. It was all about hittin' the books and higher learning! At least that's what I heard. There was no EXTREME anything, just annoyances like Tuberculosis and Influenza epidemics. And time was more precious then, since you didn't expect to live past 40. Those were the days.

I hope you appreciate the extra effort on this one, I just blew half my Saturday sitting in front of a screen working on it. Enjoy! -Ted


  1. Oh, it's very much appreciated. I just love the ol' days, I tell my kids about them all the time.

  2. Love the way the kid is running to the Math Seminar, that's funny. Give me one of those booths I'll pay one buck to sit quietly and just read. How much time for 10 cents?

  3. Marcelo: I was poking fun at the Victorians, but yes, I agree, I'm very nostalgic as well. When I get my time machine finished it will always be set for the past.

    Belf: Yeah, the whole cartoon is very absurd. Imagine a kid running like that just to do math problems. Not me.
    And oops, you're right, I forgot to specify a time frame for the booth. It would be funny to have a line formed waiting impatiently for a booth hog.

  4. Fabs, Ted! :D Yeah.. I think people take things for granted these days (at least I do). :I

  5. I like the math seminar kid too. I was in "math club" in HS. I was the dumbest kid there. What the heck I was doing in math club?!

  6. My gosh, Tiffanny! What WERE you doing there?
    I took a refresher math course in college to brush up, and I scored a 92 in the class. I forgot a lot of it after that, but remembered what I learned in my art history and drawing classes. Us artists are hard-wired to be visual, we don't think in numbers, we think in pictures. Why do we fight it??