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Friday, January 7, 2011

Canines, mind your Master... or else!

Okay, I'm just having a little fun with light-hearted cartooning. I love animals and certainly don't believe they go to Hell. It's just a dumb cartoon, that's all. It ain't real. -Ted


  1. That is hell for dogs indeed. Definitely don't want to be in their position.. :P

    Nice one as usual, sir! :D

  2. hehehe funny!!! I gotta show this to my dog to make sure she behaves!! (Actually, my dog is shockingly obedient. She would drop a steak if I commanded it. She also does the smartest things I have never seen other dogs do. Once, she offered her food to a guest to make friends. I was shocked.)

  3. i can't wait till you compile your comics into a book! You will someday, wont you??

  4. Hey, good idea Tiffany! Book this toonman!!

    My dog, a Dachshund (aka a Land Shark) may definitely go here poor guy. He doesn't know the meaning of sharing let alone with friends . . . Great toon!

  5. Well Charles, you WOULDN'T be in their position, unless you're a dog. You draw and paint too well to be a dog, so stop kiddin' me :)

    Tiffanny, you and I must be psychically linked. Just tonight I brought home a page that I finished at work that will go into my 50-page gag coloring book that is my New Years resolution to finish and publish this year. 50 all new gags that are about family dysfunction. Since you brought it up, and thanks for doing so, I think I might post that page tomorrow for feedback. Truth be told, the main reason I started this blog was to promote these books I'm working on. So thanks again for your intuition, my friend.

    Belf, sounds like your dog is typical. If all dogs were like Tiffanny's then my cartoon wouldn't make much sense. They'd be waiting patiently, probably reading a newspaper with their feet up.

    Thanks for all the support as always!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! XD gimme more cartoons!! :D

  7. Yes, I totally agree with you about FB... Too much senseless junk and boring gossip in it...

    Thanks for writing, keep up the good work:)
    best regards from Greece,


  8. not sure I could watch a steak roll past.......

  9. Great work Ted! I'd love to see some of your background paintings as well! :)

  10. This would be hell for me too (i'm a vegetarian). :)

    I missed alot of great comics in the last little while! Now I've got you on my updating links so I can track your posts. woo hoo!

  11. My dog asked me to tell you this isn't funny. He'd type this out himself, but he hasn't had his dew claws removed yet.

  12. Kostis: I read this quote somewhere: 'facebook is where dullards go to be the life of the party'. -that made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by.

    Lesley: You have one of the hippest avatars I've seen. Thanks for following, that means a lot.

    Amir: Thank you for the compliment, that makes my day. Maybe I can eventually post a portfolio blog as well, that would be fun.

    Seo: Welcome back, and thank you for making me an update link on your blog, what an honor. Everyone, check out Seo's (pronounced Sue) amazing blog, she has a very sensitive and unique style.

    Moe: You win for funniest comment. -dew claws indeed.

  13. Love the humor in your cartoons! You definitely imagine and see the world in a hilarious way.