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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hummingbird Humor

I know hummingbirds are kind of out of season, but I found these 4 roughs in my gag notebook and decided to post all four to cover me not posting anything in over a week. Sorry about that. It can be really difficult sometimes to write gags after work, and this past week it just seemed impossible. Hope you get a laugh out of at least one of them. Thank you to all of you who continue to follow. -Ted


  1. the health diagram is my favorite!

  2. HAHAHHAA.. love hummingbirds! especially love the hummingbird health and H.A.A! :D

  3. Ted, I love these! Hahahahahaa! I love hummingbirds and I draw them in pen and ink all the time. Thank you for the laugh this morning. These are worth framing by the door just so people will get a chuckle as they come in or leave. Do you make these available in prints?

  4. Hey Ted, I know what it is like being so swamped. (Like the hummingbird) No way I can pull off a Stupid Kid story this week. Poor little hummingbird. There's a lot of truth in these gags. Sometimes I just wanna grab them and bottle feed them so they're not so freaking hyper for their lives all the time. I just wanna be like, Hey little hummingbird, lets just chill. Here's some organic agave nectar and watch TV with him/her.

  5. Not out of season here:

  6. phoebe is completely IN season. love the gags.

  7. Thanks everyone. It felt great to get up this morning and see 5 comments of support right off the bat.

    Ces: thanks so much for stopping by again and leaving such an inspiring comment. Making people laugh is what's so important to me, and yes, I would love to make prints of the cartoons that are the most popular here. Eventually I will.

    Tiffanny: You ended up making me LOL this morning when I read you comment. You would watch TV with them to calm them down?? Ha ha. You are a true comic, my friend. You have given me a new idea for a gag, too. I've decided to draw a new batch of hummingbird humor, and your idea will be one of them. Stay tuned.

    Anonymous: I was watching that nest for a few minutes when suddenly momma hummingbird showed up to feed the kids. That was awesome! Thanks! Now, if we can just get you to not be anonymous and give yourself a name... We're all friends here :)

    Anonymous #2: Thank you so much! What's your name?

  8. Ted! Ted!!! Ted!! I have another idea for a comic :) It's a single panel thing. Wanna hear it? if so shoot me an e-mail :) I think you'd be able to pull it off super awesomely.

  9. hahaha, i liked the name of the hummingbirds anonymous group; made me laugh.

  10. Absolutely hilarious! You have a fantastic blog, I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

  11. Dude. Are you!? ;D

    Okay, I'm all confused now. You said to avoid cute and adorable, but I find hummingbirds cute and adorable, and yeah, I'm chuckling uncontrollably at these, especially the second one. I can just hear the panic in his voice. BAHAHAHA!

    Ahem! Gotta to take an estrogen booster shot now. :)

  12. Thanks Andrew, and welcome aboard! Yeah, when that name popped into my head it made me LOL, which is the best yardstick I have for a gag.

    Thank you Naomi! I'm going to post another batch of hummingbird gags since they seem to spark ideas fairly easily for me. Because of work I won't have time to do them up real pretty but hopefully they will be funny roughs.

    Bella: No, I wiped it all off after visiting your sweet smelling girl-blog. You know how a dog will roll in the grass if you spray him with cologne?

    Yes, hummingbirds are cute and adorable, but I thought I drew them kind of ugly.
    You have to admit though, hummingbirds are tiny clowns of the sky, so un-birdlike the way they move. Guess they are the exception to the rule, which I just happened to make up anyway. Ha!

  13. I think I'm addicted to your blog. I'm like that hummingbird, I'm hitting your blog about 300 times a day!

    Great stuff.

  14. Hey Moe, thanks! I got 4 new hummingbird gags that I will post soon. There's something about those little birdies that make me think of silly thoughts.

    BTW: you called my home phone yesterday during the day, so I was at work. Of course, we never seem to connect with cell phone calls, either. Why are we in such a hurry all the time??? Don't we have everything done by now in our lives?

  15. This is so cute and funny!!
    I would LOVE to see more hummingbird gags!!
    Very much looking forward to it :D