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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Makin' Music


  1. Apart from the obvious reasons that this panel is funny, the fact that the clown said a swear word is hilarious, I totally didn't expect it.

  2. You know, sometimes swearing can be funny in a cartoon, but it's difficult to find the moment when it helps to drive the humor. I mostly don't go there, since I want to reach the widest age group, which is more of a challenge for me. I love the acronym WTF, though. It always makes me laugh.
    Thanks Tiffany, and Tek, for your feedback! When I don't hear from you I know I didn't quite pull it off. ha ha

  3. Ted is back! woohoo! :D Nice one, sir! lol!

    btw.. loving the props details too.. tell story as much as the characters :D