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Monday, March 14, 2011

Illustration Friday: 'STIR'

Only had time to do a small rough on a Post-It note for this IF entry. Hope you like it.
Now that I think about it, this drawing kind of reminds me of Gahan Wilson's style of humor, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised; he was the first cartoonist I discovered as a young artist who dealt with the over-the-top macabre and grotesque, which by todays standards would seem mild of course, but I wore out the book about his art that came out in 1973. I discovered and loved Charles Addams work about the same time but something about Wilson's humor seemed more about my era, and it just knocked me on the side of the head in a way that no one had before. Maybe I'll post a cartoon or two I did from the 70's era when I REALLY sucked, as a tribute to Gahan. HA! -Ted


  1. HAHA, I agree. Feels like a Gahan, and that should be a compliment. Did you ever get into Kliban, Ted? They both seem in the same vein.

  2. Hi Chris, long time no see. Oh yeah, definitely was into B. Kliban, but that was a little later. LOVED his sense of humor and drawing style. In fact, when Gary Larson first became syndicated I refused to give him any respect because I felt he was such a blatant rip-off of Kliban. Then one day around '82 I saw a Larson cartoon that just had me in stitches and I forgot all about any similarities.

  3. i like your humor Ted!
    and, i should learn it

  4. Love it an excellent cartoon. This type of humor really appeals to me.

  5. Oh wow, I love this but hate what appears to be lurking underneath....Runnnn

  6. you're right... thats serious love're so clever (and dangerous...heheh...), you can read my mind :D

    bytheway, art director at Warner Bros animation?
    thats serious cool!!!!

    this is awesome, im talking to an art director about serious love :D

    your post is as clever as you!
    funny and clever...

  7. Hahahahaha! So funny, sir!!! Love the yellow colour of the post-in note too :) In my brain.. " woah.. they've stabbed the flag into the creature's neck.. he'll be so pissed... what next?" I'm just wondering if the eyes are looking at the two.. will it be stronger (might not work though.. I'm just being a smart-ass as usual.. sorry)?

    I want more!! :D

    All the best, Ted :D

  8. That's solid! I always like the unknowing victim setup...

  9. Sorry for the long hiatus, Ted. You've been posting some good stuff. Just been busy working on my own comics/films after work hours. I really liked the self defense comic! Haha

  10. Thank you Tango, Chibi, Janet, Devil Girl, and Brine, for the comments, they make my day!

    Charles: I penciled in the eyes facing the spacemen at first, and it was funny, but then it looked like the creature was laying on its back. Also, and I may have been thinking too much, but the spacemen would see the eyeballs looking at them, instead of just two small 'rocks'.

  11. ah yes, of course :D That makes a total sense! :)