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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clown Factory Humor!

My Brother and I both did our fair share of conveyer belt work growing up in agriculture, and we've always joked about how miserably boring it was. Recently he suggested this: ' about clowns working on a monotonous factory job and how they keep themselves entertained?' So I did the first rough idea of clowns in a rubber chicken factory on a yellow Post-it note above. While I was doing that one I came up with a completely different gag, the one below it, which I hope makes sense to all of you. I call it "The Birth Of the Bop-Bag". -Thanks, Bro, for the inspiration! -Ted


  1. I dont exactly understand what the tragedy is?

  2. Uh oh.. Ted fail. The worker clown fell into the rubber vat and came out a bop-bag clown.

  3. OK I think the gag itself is great! but for idiots like me with no attention to detail, maybe have the foreground clown go: "FRED????!!!!!!!"
    that way it brings attention to the clown that just got rubberised??