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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Silly Idea...


  1. hahaha :D Nice, Ted. A new style too. I like!

  2. haha, this should cut down on the number of cars on the road!

  3. Haaaa, ha . . . these guys deserve a space of their own, they work hard and have tough crowds. I love the color and look of this toon. Not a sad one in the group. I think they could have fit another 6 clowns in though.

  4. DOH i posted a comment last week but it was never published. This comic is awesome!!!! And I like how eco-friendly it is :D

  5. Nice one! Love the colours, do the doors fall off when they finish parking?

  6. Charles; It does look kinda different doesn't it? For some reason the contrast is more punchy, posting it didn't sap all the life out of it like usual. I colored it by dropping colors in rather than underpainting it, so that seemed to help the clarity, too. Thanks!

    Mauricio; Well, of course clowns will never get that much respect, so we'll never know. I suppose if they did get special parking, every other down-trodden soul would want one too. Like, parking for A.D.D. artists only! HA!

    Janet; Oh no... YOU brighten MY day by just showing up! Yippeee and thank you!

    Belf; Raisin' the bar on clown car stuffing, I see. I wouldn't want to be the first clown in, though. Hey, maybe I can do a gag about that. Thanks!!

    Tiffanny; What can I say that I haven't said already. Thank you, my friend!

    Duncan; Why yes, they do. Clowns don't care about door dings if it's done in a funny way! Thanks for stopping by.