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Monday, April 25, 2011

Illustration Friday: "Bicycle" (little-known history)

Truth be told, it was less about 'cool', and more about comfort, with his simian reach and all. But with the money he made on the idea, he never went back to the circus again. Cinderella story.


  1. Didn't that kind of bicycle come equipped with a banana seat...sorry, just couldn't resist.

  2. That's one cool bike - that put's my Chopper in the shade - ooh er missus!
    Thanks for the comment

  3. hahaha of course! makes perfect sense :)

  4. i so want that bike.
    and that monkey too, of course.

    i read your comment, you made me laugh (like always), but being honest, youre the only one who ever commented that i look like Samantha's hot cousin Serena :D

  5. you know, im not that obsessed anymore.
    im tired of it all.
    im done trying.

  6. Hey Ted, how long does it take you on average to draw up and color your comics? Writing is a wildcard, but just the technical end of drawing it. I know it varies in complexity, but on average, what would you say? Just curious. Your comics have been good lately!

  7. hello, i cant believe you replied me (knowing that you are such an important person in the industry, yea i know i told you before...i was just surprised that you would talk to me...), thank you very much, im SO honored, seriously.
    and of course you are still funny.
    dont worry.

    it's not that i didnt care anymore, it's just that im so tired... that everything went wrong.
    i tried everything the best i could but it didnt work. And so im done trying. But i will keep drawing.

    i dont know if we're talking about the same thing/subject...

  8. Ray: Aw crap, why didn't I think of that?? You're funny.

    Axel: If jajaja is hahaha, then I'm happy. Thank you.

    Duncan: Thanks for stopping by. "ooh er missus!" ???-do I need to break out my UK slang manual??

    Annie: I love your avatar! Thanks for visiting.

    Chris: Thanks, I'm glad you think I'm on a roll. As I've said before, I never really know until the comments come in.

    As for the time it takes, it depends on the complexity of the drawing. Sometimes I can ink one up in an hour, then scan and color it in another hour, but I've been known to spend half a day trying to get the expressions right on character's faces, that's always been important to me, setting that perfect mood, and telling the story through the character's reactions. So the time it takes can vary greatly from gag to gag. It's never a given. It's never a formula, for me anyway. Thanks for stopping by again, Chris.

    WW: Oh, stop it now... blush. I've had a few lucky moments, but all that is fleeting. I'm just an average Joe.
    I just want to make the world laugh, one person at a time. And making you laugh just makes my day. Thank you.

  9. I like this, Ted! :D ape-hanger.. hahhaa.. :D

    Awesome new profile pic btw! :)

  10. Great! Take time out for a banana.