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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Illustration Friday: Bottled

I only had two rules for the cat I had in college: He was forbidden to walk on the bookshelves and was to never sleep on my drawing table. So guess where he played all day and then slept when he was tired?


  1. Have you ever heard of Bonsai Kitten?? thats what this reminds me of lol

  2. yeah, it's a bit like Bonsai Kitten but yours is much fun and cute because it looks like he enjoys it...happy face cat ♥

  3. echo Seema on the Bonsai Kitten prank. WHat a good kitty sitting in a jar.
    In college, my cat ripped off the registers of a bunch of my animation paper. Just chewed on it. I had wobbly animations for the teacher. BAD KITTY.

  4. You guys are right, it does scream Bonsai Kitty. I went to that site once, back when it first appeared but completely forgot about it. Crotchety Comics does not plagiarize! ha ha. The real reason I thought of it is because of the way cats always want to explore ever little nook and cranny and get inside things. We had a saimese cat when I was in HS who got stuck in a vertical heater vent in our living room that we had left the grate off of. She went exploring down that vent and when I came home I heard her yowling and scratching the sides of the conduit as she was trying to back out from the pipe. I reached in with my arm and found her tail and pulled her out by it. Curious cat learned her lesson after that, and we kept the grates on the heaters afterward. I believe this is why cats have tails, so we can pull them out of trouble.

    Thanks for your comments, friends. I appreciate ! -Ted

  5. This is fantastic Ted! Great post. Those darn cats! Good thing for their tails.

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