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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Known Transportation Fads That Came And Went

Yep, diggin' into the archives again to buy more time. This drawing dates from about 1993. I had an idea for a series of cartoons based on the history of ridiculous inventions, and this drawing was one of them. Somehow I tied it into that theme but forget now what the original joke was. The invention series seemed like a good one at the time but it proved to be too difficult to make the ideas funny back when I was still learning the ropes. I didn't have too many winners in that batch but I always kind of liked this drawing so I saved it. You may recall the gag I posted early on of the outhouse at Niagra Falls, that was one from the same series that actually worked. Well, I didn't know how well it worked till I showed it to my brother and he just cracked up. Turned out it was a hit on the blog, too.
Anyway, nowadays I pretty much save every little scrap of a gag idea, hoping to make it funny eventually, but back then I tended to trash anything I didn't like, so most of that Invention series is long gone.
As always, your comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks for tuning in. -Ted


  1. hahaha.. nice. How cool is that mower! :D

  2. Hi Ted, What a shame we will never see those lost gags, but thankfully you have plenty of new ones to keep us laughing.