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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lowest Bidders

I pulled this out of the dusty archives and it made me laugh again, so that's always a good sign. It's probably at least 5 years old. Seems like every gag I post is a different format, no consistency at all to the panel size. It can be difficult working within the constraints of the same dimensions every time, especially since my ideas are so diverse, so I've just been letting the gag dictate the proportions of the panel, which frankly makes my job easier. I wonder when I'll start getting professional? Maybe when I decide to quit having fun with this and treat it like a job? ...Eeeeeeeeew!


  1. HAHAHHAA.. your clown jokes are just too funny, sir! XD and I seconded the 'Eeeeww!' for treating your wonderful comics like a job - but I do hope these will get published somewhere someday :D

    All the best!

  2. Now I see why some people have a fear of clowns!

  3. Hi Ted, I found you via IF. I have to say I'm fairly sure I hired those guys to do my last move. : )
    I don't know a single animator who has ever had a real 'job'… yeah, eewww!

  4. Honey, let's transport my mother's china in our car . . . Funny Ted! Does the Ringmaster know they're using the company truck for side jobs?

  5. You make me laugh! Exelent stuff!