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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Canaries and Ducks Don't Hang:


  1. awkward... hahaha :D I can imagine the next scene for this one XD Nice one, sir :D

  2. Great! Hopefully they have Charlie Winston's "My life as a duck" at the bar :)

  3. I'M THE DUCK :( !!! I totally relate.

  4. of course i'll follow you.
    an honor.
    sorry didnt reply you earlier.
    blog-hacked problem.

    i'll come back later, promise.

  5. Mita Whatever: This is soooooooo weird. I just got back from checking your blog for new artwork after not doing so in a week and here you are when I get back. Two psychically-linked ships passing speedily in the night. WOW!
    -Hey, thanks for following, I appreciate!

  6. Tek: So glad you thought it was funny. You're my Belgium yardstick! ohhh, wait, that didnt come out right.

    Charles: what is the next scene idea??? I want to do it!

    Magyarix; How dare you be funnier than me on my blog! Ha Ha. Thanks for stopping by.

    Poor Tiffaduck. But most karaoke singers can't sing, that's what booze is for!