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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ducks Don't Watch TV Or Cartoons


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Ted, this one really got me laughing and the people around me are staring. I really love this one! And thank you so much for your recent comment - you don't know how much that means coming from you. I'm still laughing right now :)

  2. xD
    i think the owners dont watch MUCH TV, heheh...

  3. Shoot me now, shoot me now!

    Bahahahaha! Oh my gosh, this is an instant CLASSIC. What's it like being you, Mr. Blackman? You must go around chuckling to yourself all day long.

    P.S. I don't believe you were ever "plain old Ted".

  4. Mauricio, your comment made my day. Thanks!

    Indira/Mita; what is your birth name?? Just curious.

    Naomi, you made me realize something interesting; Poor Donald didnt even come to mind for this gag, because I forget about disney characters anymore. After working at Disney for 5 years I found out that I'm really more of a Warner Bros type of artist. Donald is great, but the disney experience was wrong for me personally. Too corporate and squeaky clean for me. I seem to fit like a glove at WB, so I think more about their characters I guess. My apologies to the duck, though.

    Gee Seo, it's about time you popped in again. Hey everyone, It's Seo Kim, master of the sensitive pencil line. (pronounced Sue)

    Actually, I do chuckle a lot, Bella. I got some crazy humor demons in my head 24/7. Get out of my head! Get out of my head!, I say... until I need a new cartoon gag of course. Check out Bella's art, it's Bitchen with a capital B.

  5. MY GOD THATS FUNNY!!!!!!! HA! lol. I had pet ducklings as a kid. Can't remember what I named them. Probably Daffy or Donald. This one is frickin hilarious. applause!!!!!

  6. I like your blog, because your drawings are not frozen gags, they are like one frame of a complete story. They are keys that open the door of our imagination...

    Are these ducks clones? If they would be dogs, it would be even more interesting, as dogs recognize their name. I would like to have 5-6 dogs with the same name, go to a park and say: Max sit, Max stay, Max fetch... and all of them would do the same :)


  7. Magyarix: They are supposed to be mallard ducks, kind of like Daffy was. But you have a point; dogs would make more sense because they would be more common to an animal rescue, not ducks. I guess I chose ducks because I think they're funnier than dogs, but also there are only two popular duck names that people know of, so the chances of everyone naming their mallard 'Daffy' are high, whereas way too many famous dog names for owners to choose from.

    Tiffanny: Thank you for your continued comments here, they make my day. Hey everyone, check out Tiffany's Stupid Kid Stories on her blog, they are very clever and funny.

  8. Another cracker!
    For some reason I'm hearing it said in a duckystyle Seinfeld voice - or is that just me?

  9. Hahahaha! Love this one, Ted :D :D