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Monday, August 1, 2011


Okay, so Im fudging here a bit by posting an old cartoon I did in the eighties. It's so old I can't even remember what it was drawn for. I just didn't have enough spare time to come up with a new one for this week's Illustration Friday word. So, please forgive.
Anyway, I thought of this one right away and went diggin' into the archives to find it. Hope you like. -Ted


  1. Seriously.. how did you come up with such unusual, exciting stories? You did this in the eighties and yet still fresh now.. let me know some tips pls. :D

    All the best, sir!

  2. Uncle Bob's blue box looks strikingly like one from Tiffany's. Great fit for the theme no matter how old. Love the VW Bug in the background. I am obsessed with those. Glad to hear you are busy. Hope it is on something fun.

  3. Thank you, Sir Charles. -but the only thing I'm fresh with anymore are the ladies.

    That's not a blue box, Jennifer; it's a green one, from Alligator World!
    Did you do a painting about VW Bugs for IF? I'll check and see.

  4. Wow, it's interesting to see that you've managed to retain your same sense of humor since then! And I want to go to a place called "Alligator World!"

  5. I forgive, and it's new to me anyhow :D
    ah the 80's.
    funny one Ted :D

  6. Gah! I am getting old and greens look blue and no, no VW bug paintings. I am woefully behind on IF themes. Thanks for the uber-awesome feedback on my b/w sketches. I will have to play around with some middle value painting. Great suggestion. Sorry to for the comment delay. They sit in a holding pattern until I go and release them.

  7. were funny back then as well!

  8. Thanks for sharing this. A snow globe is the best souvenir ever! I wish I had an alligator snow globe :)

    The comments made me lough. Can someone get 'funnier' over the years, or is it the capability of expression that gets developed?

  9. Mauricio; I go to Alligator World often... in my mind.
    The other day I was thinking about why I return to cartooning again and again in the evening when I cartoon for animation all day long. The answer is that during the day the art I create is just a part of a larger effort by many talented people, I'm sort of a cog in a wheel of a giant machine, but at night my cartooning is a place that I go where I create all the people, objects and places, it's literally my goofy world that I can escape to and it's very easy for me to get lost in it. When you crave something that much it isn't that hard to stay in that zone.

    Tiff; thanks, dear friend.

    Rod; See above. ha ha. -thank you for the compliment.

    Magyarix: Definitely the capability of expression improves. Naturally funny people don't get funnier over the years, but they learn how to package their humor and its delivery a lot better as they mature. I'm still learning how to write a perfect gag, but I'm a lot closer than I was in my 20s, when I was pretty clueless.

  10. Well I for one am glad you choose to come home and cartoon in your evenings! I love a good laugh and I dont think any of us get enough laughter these days so keep them coming, please!
    Poor uncle Bud is certainly a bit predictable

  11. HAHAHA this one is hilarious, Ted