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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Buzz Kill

Remember those houses with our good health always in mind? thoughtful.
I can't blame the guy above for handing out what he truly loves, but even little meat-eaters of the forest crave chocolate now and then.
Remember the dreaded popcorn ball? That was just a step above vegetables.
I wonder if I'd get soaped if I handed out brussel sprouts this Halloween?

-signed Chocolate Lover.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clown Priorities!

I'm back! Ha ha hee hee ho ho!! I hope Superfly kept you entertained while I was away.
I now return to one of my favorite subjects... Clowns! Yippee!!
The idea for this I roughed out about a year ago so I forget what sparked it. I see very few clowns walking through the animation studio dropping horns so I know that probably wasn't it...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: "Contraption"

Here's something a little different. I've drawn a lot of contraptions in my life, some intentional, some accidental, but this is probably the most recent. Also probably the last completely hand- drawn illustration I did before my love affair with photoshop began. I drew it in 2002.
Many of you know of my interest in antique motorcycles, I have a small collection of them, but I have never desired one like the above 'chopper'. This type of motorcycle is so radically altered as to be barely functional anymore, completely defeating the purpose of the machine. If you desire to go in a straight line to biker bars and back again, then this is the bike for you. They look great parked in front of your favorite watering hole, but they're about as maneuverable as a mud fence. Anyway, I wanted to draw a sixties biker theme, and a chopper is all about that. Keep the shiny side up, bros. Peace.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Livin' It Up!

Flies don't care about what they eat. I think it's because they know they won't live long no matter what they do. Not only that, they have even more things to worry about than we do; It's their job to travel back and forth from the garbage can in the backyard, to the dog poop in the front yard, and then inside to the clothes hamper, running into every window before finding their way back out to the dead squirrel in the alley. All that time dodging fly swatters, bug sprays, hungry birds, and worst of all, the dreaded spider web. A fly's life is not easy at all, but then again, they have no worries about eating anything they want whenever they want. That part I envy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hibernation: New School!

What if human beings needed to hibernate during the winter like many other mammals do? Think of all the winter sports we wouldn't have developed. You don't see bears snow skiing or tobogganing do you? They sleep through all that.
If humans had to hibernate I imagine they would do it like this bear, in style! Actually, I know quite a few people who would be quite comfortable in the above scenario.
If you had to hibernate, other than food and water, what would you absolutely want to have with you during your winter 'sleep'? Of course we would all need our phones and internet access, but what unique item would you just have to have to get you through the winter?