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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Crack-Up!

Enough messin' around.. I'm rolling up my sleeves and diving into this Christmas thing head first! From now on till the big day it's gonna be ALL Yuletide humor!


  1. Gosh! Heheheh! I feel like this with everything, work, appointments...I have not even started thinking of Christmas celebration yet! Sigh!

  2. Haha!! Love it! Christmas is a very stressful time for an Elf!!

  3. LOL! I am totally there with that whacked out elf. I don't even have my tree up yet AND have given up on the holiday card and am going for one to send out on New Year's. Perfect!!!!
    PS: Thanks so much for the vote. There is a great deal of tough competition. I was just thrilled to make the top 30 cut.

  4. By the way, for so many people, Christmas is a very sad and tragic day. Having worked in one of the nation's busiest if not the busiest, Level I trauma center for years, I have witnessed so many deaths on Christmas Eve and New year's Eve; grandparents driving in to town for the holidays; families coming in, including babies. I think the heat here makes everyone hot-headed.

  5. Haha, never thought of Santa's workshop being a stressful environment, but I suppose you're right - It would be really intense working there

  6. Keep in mind, there used to be 50 elves in that room.

    I accidentally typed elvises, hehehe.

    Guess what I'm doing today? Yup. Puttin' together the ol' tree. Ces sure knows how to brighten up a party, eh?

  7. Oh, that pussy
    do not want to leave that place, you know is a welcoming place...
    sometimes :)
    Thanks for stopping by. really my idea was it to be fun

  8. i can soo relate. i've got a huge deadline, and so close to the holidays!!! :(

  9. oh oh, this happens to me every day of the year with my deadlines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nothing like stressed out elves. Can't wait for the next one :)

  11. hi PLAINOLDTED, stopping by to say:
    YOU ARE CRAZY hahaha :D
    i just read your comment on

  12. Holiday stress?
    Santa is not alone!!!!


  13. I'm glad you have exposed the conditions that Santa has these elves working under: tiny, hard stools to sit on (what, Santa can't spring for some ergonomic stools?), paint and glue fumes!, sharp tacks and nails everywhere...really unsafe. And the same Christmas music played over and over from the loudspeaker (a form of mind control) - it's enough to make any elf snap!

  14. Ces, thanks for stopping by, and also for sharing your wonderful stories of death and trauma at Christmas :0
    I remember my coroner assistant friend telling me a story about responding to a woman's call that her husband had just died at the Thanksgiving table; when he arrived he found a man with a steak knife in his back sitting at the head of the table. Yikes!

    Bella, you are so funny. How about we collaborate on some comedy writing sometime? You have just given me a funny idea for a post, too.

    For anyone trying to understand Roberto's comments; he is usually commenting about other comments elsewhere. I have no pussies in my cartoons as far as I know. That being said, he is a very funny man once you decipher his meaning :)

    Gee, thanks Mita, for posting that. Dear family; I am not a perv. I didn't leave that comment, my evil twin did :)

    Jill: Yaaaay! You stopped by. Very funny observations. I wasn't thinking of piped-in music, but yeah, that would be pretty bad. I just always imagined that elves sing constantly as they work, and occasionally in the round.
    I think this cartoon is a projection of my own self. I can't be with extremely happy people for very long. It drives me nuts and I want to start slapping them around :)

  15. Nothing like a bit of Death.... especially at Christmas. Your work Ted picks away slowly at the depths of the viewers sole and eventually it reveals isself in the form of a comment...a bit like an exorcism....:)

  16. OK OK, I will pray publicly apologize to all the families of my post! :)
    But know that I will do it others just like that!
    good weekend, families! :D :D :D

  17. WHATTTTT??????
    your evil twin did that?
    but i just told my family i have a new boyfriend now and he is not a jerk FYI he is an art director, i am so proud of myself!

    they are all very happy for me too, what do i have to tell them now...

  18. Tell them I'll be over in time for supper. I'll ditch the evil twin.

    Juan: Yes they do but it's a weak union that's afraid of Santa. He's threatened to outsource their toy manufacturing to China.

  19. Noooooo, not China! We could use the work . . .
    So, Santa is home sittin' by the fire in his smokin' jacket with his pipe watching the Hallmark Channel. He's not stressed till Christmas Eve. Great toon!

  20. Omg...I'm that freaked out elf every day at work O.O lol. For real...I do that in the privacy of my office when nobody is looking XD

  21. hey what happens with this????:
    R.O. Blechman CBS Christmas Message (1966)
    Blogger tell me this:
    Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Crotchety Comics does not exist.

  22. Lately I've been one stressed-out elf myself... almost went postal at the P.O today. Your advent comics will be just what I need to get myself out of grinch mode!!

  23. Roberto, the link didn't work so I deleted it and re-posted. Unfortunately blogger keeps the old one on the dashboard list.


  24. Yes Leah, it's also what I need. Something about cartooning that re-centers myself in this hectic universe every time. A cartoon a day keeps the doctor away!

  25. I need a few of these elves to help me get organised for Christmas and they wouldnt be getting any easy ride here either!