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Monday, December 12, 2011

R.O. Blechman CBS Christmas Message (1966)

My friend Rod MacGregor commented about "The Snowman" animated short. I know it well; the song during the flying sequence is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard:

Click on the link:

This was and still is my favorite Christmas commercial. I think it's brilliant.
Since it ran for quite a few seasons it's left a permanent impression on me, and continues to conjure up many nostalgic memories of Christmas past.

Designed by R.O. Blechman and animated by Willis Pyle. Beautiful , hand-drawn pen & ink drawings. Music arranged by Arnie Black.


  1. Oh, very good! Great (taste of old things)!!!!

    I got scared a lot!!!!! :O(
    ...for a moment I thought this tree would suffer the same fate as the tree is at the door of Artisjok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fiuuuuu, now I could breathe again!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And my word verification is "mastro"!!!

  3. Ted, I see a lot of similarity in the style and wit of the commercial and your own art. Very interesting!

  4. hi Ted, wonderful ! thanks for the link, I can imagine you remembered this commercial when seeing "my tree" .

    Again an example of less is more !

  5. Its a nice cartoon..I am glad the guys arm didn't get cut off in the end...although a sick end is good sometimes...
    One of my favourites Christmas cartoons is 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs although its a bit longer (and no one loses their arm either).

  6. Rod, I agree. That's a good one. I'll post a link.

  7. Oh wow, I'd never seen The Snowman. Beautiful. I'm so glad people can still be awed and enchanted by traditional animation and art.

    And the commercial is Christmas magic! Aw, that's wonderful, and it sends a great message without bonking you over the head with loud music and flashing lights.

    Thanks for the links! And thanks for the nuclear bomb. I'm dealing with cotton candy fallout.

  8. I remember this Christmas short~the song is beautiful. A true classic. I've never seen the commercial that you posted, but I wish more Christmas commercials were like this. The simplicity of it is wonderful <3

  9. Hallo! If you have the time, here is the explanation for "Tsup!"


  10. Well... that explains it completely. Thank you.

  11. Oops, forgot to paste:

  12. I thought that was Wasup? or Sup?

  13. never watched it before, wonderful!!!!

    ps: hahaha, your comment is making me laugh you are insane :D


    for you.


  15. Hey this was wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. I know it's hard for you sometimes, but you did good Ted and I am so proud of you he he he he he! Hey I have to tell you , you have made me laugh so much this year. Thanks so much for every single visit. I so appreciate it. There will be a piece of coal in your coal this year from me. Not because you have been bad or anything, just because I knew someone had to do it. So it might as well be me. he he he he he! Best with a big old hug.

  16. I had never seen these before, thanks for sharing!
    I love the little birds in the commercial :)