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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1931: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Here's another one I never got around to painting. (just buying a little time till I'm able to post another cartoon.)
Ever seen the 1931 Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie starring Fredric March? It's one of my favorite films. Mr. March won an Oscar for his performance in it, which is almost unheard of for a horror film. The beautiful Miriam Hopkins also starred. That other Dr. Jekyll film starring Spencer Tracy?.. don't waste your time. This is the one to see.
So, I thought I'd do a tribute to it back in '97, combining March/Mr Hyde in full make-up with a vintage biker setting. That's one of my other loves, old motorcycles.
Maybe one day I'll get around to painting it, who knows. Don't hold your breath. ha!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

In The Days Before Throwing Spears...

The Illustration Friday word is 'Twirl'.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's Someone For Everyone...

And guess what?... They both love hoarding, red meat, and peeing on trees.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grumps Only!

First cartoon of the New Year. Yaaaay! Sorry for my absence, I don't have a good excuse, but hope this gag makes up for it.
I owe my friend Ethan Spaulding a thank-you for the inspiration on this one. I had the idea but I was drawing it all wrong, so he showed me a better way to stage it, which is his specialty. It reads much better now, so thanks Ethan. He's a director/producer/artist extraordinary at Warner Brothers. His blog is called Operation Gutterball, stop by and say hello to him. Don't forget to nag him about posting roughs only :) He seems to hate cleaning anything up but he should because his art is dynamite!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I couldn't come up with a New Years gag that I liked so instead I dug up this old rough of Krampus that I never got around to painting. Call it a belated Christmas image. I had this crazy idea of doing my take on the famous Jesus Knocking on the Door painting which I always loved for the Copro Nason Gallery 'Krampus' show a few years back. It was quite an honor to be asked to participate but I dropped the ball and never finished the painting. Oops.
Anyway, according to folklore Krampus is a character who shows up with Saint Nick on Christmas Eve in Austria and Germany I believe, and ties up all the bad children and takes them to Hell to be beaten for eternity with a special switch he carries with him.
All is not lost though; if you're one of the good boys and girls then you get lots of gifts from Santa instead!
Gee, do I want to have lots of cool gifts or spend an eternity with Krampus in Hell? Hmmmm... let me think...
My favorite Krampus post card is one of a Victorian girl who somehow has stolen Krampus' switch and is looking to beat him with it instead. Clever girl.