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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


In the beginning, all they had was rocks and sticks. The good stuff didn't come till MUCH later.
The idea of drawing a Caveman Santa was suggested to me by Gay McKinnon. Thanks, Gay!
                                         Merry Christmas, everyone!  


  1. Ha ha!! Love it!!! Merry Christmas, Ted!!!


  2. Yes , now we are to spoiled and we do not know how to use the stones and sticks....

    :) Merry christmas , Mr. Blackman! :) Hoping to see you here also in 2014 . (or is blog than as caveman, extinct? )

  3. Poor Santa! That bag looks heavy!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Hahaha Mr.Ted...Merry Christmas!!!! At least they knew how to make stockings!

  5. Happy New Year, Ted! I hope your holidays went well and that you got more out of them than just some rocks. Great concept, as always. I hope you're well, my friend!

  6. That is hilarious Ted!! Happy new year to you and may your stockings be filled with happiness and good health. choose choo and apples? Yes and more. :)