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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fix that bike FAST!

                       It's Grandpa's prize bike. You should be honored to be seen on it!


  1. all visitors migrated to FB ...........:(
    But I am here, Ted!!!

    Fan to be here !

    1. Yes, Ludek, it is true. But I still do this for non FB people. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ye gads! He's gonna need more than a helmet to ride that thing.

    Yay, thanks for supporting all the non-FBs like me. Sometimes I feel as cobwebby as that bike. Speaking of broken, my computer broke and I'm still restoring files. It's taking forever, grrr.

  3. Yeah, it's incredible how computers have taken over our lives so quickly. When our computers are down it's like we're suddenly prehistoric. As for Blogger, I love this community and wont leave it like all the fast-food art world has. FB is where it's at now but I don't know why. It's incredibly monotonous and boring after awhile. Mostly it's about professional exposure and the Lazy 'Like' button. that's what I call it. What's worse, people are too busy, and on the move constantly, viewing artwork on their tiny screens. Am I being to crotchety? ha.