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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Haunting

Sometimes we are haunted by lousy drawings we did in the past, and for whatever reason they just wont go away. Like the artwork our Mother’s hang onto and only bring out when company is over. They won’t let us redraw these hideous drawings, because they like THAT ONE AND ONLY THAT ONE for some reason. This gag is an extreme example of this phenomena.


  1. I had this cartoon stuck in my head all week & i figured it out why:
    that kid reminds me of ' the Far Side' fat kid. Great hommage!

    1. Yeah, I love Larson's fat kids. He had a big influence on me.

  2. HA! Oh my, that WOULD be frightening. I have to admit. I have some of my kids' old drawings up, the real primitive ones with the gigantic heads and teeny tiny limbs and triangular bodies. But I absolutely love them. Running into one on a park bench, however....

  3. Is the figure on the bench an actual old drawing?