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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fun with the Claw Crane!

                                          I can't stop drawing flies! When will it stop!


  1. To paraphrase John Lee Hooker, it's in you and it got to come out.

    1. It's true, Lynn, it's true. Hey, I saw John Lee Hooker in 2000. We were at the front of the stage and he was only 6 feet from us. What a show!

  2. I hope never. Keep 'em coming, Mr. Ted! I'd stockpile garbage if it means more of your flies.

    And BAHAHAHAHA!!! I had such a blast with Chewbacca. Hysterical! Thanks for that present. Very much appreciated. Happy holidays.

  3. of course...flies . Always inspiring, always funny !
    Good to receive my daily portion of laugh ! Thanks for that, Ted!

    And a merry christmas and funny, healthy and creative 2017 ! I hope to see you here around in the coming year as well!